Many charitable organizations survive through the efforts of volunteers. Volunteering is a worthy way to contribute to your community and can be just  as valuable as cash donations.  The KCBF will have quarterly volunteer opportunities in the community.

If you have a special skill — such as writing, cooking, or photography — consider offering your services pro bono.  You can do that by becoming  a Board Member, people with all types of varying skills help our board have a rounded approach to our mission and serving our community.  

If you have the time and enthusiasm but not the money, consider organizing a drive to gather donations for an organization. Every year the KCBF puts on fundraisers that have donated raffle items or baskets, getting donations for these will help raise the fundraising dollars without having to spend your own money.  Ask for donations from companies that you use regularly, friends that own businesses, or even just a store that you like.  

You can raise funds for charity in many ways—by organizing a local collection, sharing your favorite causes on social media, or participating in a sponsored walk. If you have a network of caring people and some hustle, you can raise a hefty donation.  Look for the new KCBF Facebook page coming soon.  

In the age of corporate social responsibility, many businesses donate part of their proceeds to charities. For instance, AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to a charitable organization of your choice.  

If your friends and loved ones often ask you for birthday or holiday gift ideas, you can ask them to donate to a favorite charity instead. Many charities make it easy to set up a campaign to gather birthday donations for their organization.  This will be possible on the new KCBF Facebook page coming soon.  

Borrowed in part from Brian Acton’s article “13 ways to give to charity without breaking your budget” on